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More About This Title Hurricane!


This book introduces where, why, when, and how often hurricanes occur. Engaging text breaks down concepts for the reader, such as air pressure differences, cloud formation, updrafts, rising air, and rotating winds. Chapters highlight the progression from tropical disturbance to tropical depression to hurricane based on wind speeds, as well as hurricane structure from rain bands to the eyewall to the eye. Readers will learn how hurricanes are classified by wind speed on the Saffir-Simpson Scale, how scientists predict a storm’s path to issue watches and warnings, how conditions change as a storm approaches an area, how winds and storm surge cause damage, and how to stay safe during a hurricane. Clear, helpful diagrams, full-color photographs, bold glossary words, and an index support this easy-to-read, engaging text.


School Library Journal, June 2008~Horn Book, October 2008