Why We Like Our Home Food
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This book is written for housewives, restaurant owners, and managers. You can ask people what they like to eat in a social gathering. They may tell you they like their own home country?s food. They may also tell you they have no idea or whatsoever. Now, you know how to plan the meal for them that they will like. You don?t have to be a restaurant professional, and you can have more choices. Like potluck with friends, everybody brings the food. It can be self prepared, or you buy it from restaurant. Comfort food like ice cream or soft food will be provided for those people who are sick or in a bad mood. The atmosphere is good. You can eat it in your own way. You can use hand or eat loudly. Nobody will stare at you. It can be table style or buffet style. You can watch TV as you are eating, or you are talking and eating at the same time. Those people you don?t like, eg. those who are swearing when eating, can be asked to move to the other area. It is entertaining. You will remember it.

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