Thanks for the Great Flight
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I never considered I would become an airline pilot. It was always " too expensive "or "took too much time", or I would not be hired "with-out a four college degree". Perhaps because " I wore eye-glasses..." I was content to offer Flight Instruction in my community, and did quite well teaching new low time private pilot students, and Advanced certificate pilots. I have been employed by six airlines, and the only reason I was hired at each one was because the airline needed pilots to operate the airline! I began researching the commercial pilot status and numbers, and realized there truly is a pilot shortage world wide. In my book I speak about the training and preparation that go into obtaining a pilot license. I will take the reader on an actual Airline Transport Pilot check-flight, describing the sensations and maneuvers required for the Captain candidate to master. We will fly a simulator during our training, and I will relate a humorous story that helped to break up the monotony of performing the same flight profile over, and over again. I will explain the various aircraft systems as they pertain to flight, so perhaps a non-pilot airline passenger may feel more informed of how an aircraft operates. I will also address the aircraft performance factors that may actually aid the passenger in selecting routes and times, to ease their occasional travel delays. Lastly, I will relate a few "super-natural " instances that by my only explanation the Christian Lord was watching over my flight. I have truly been blessed in my life by becoming a commercial airline pilot!

Exhibited At: International book fairs