Principles of Christian Marriage And Family Life
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With the trend of divorce in Christendom, it has become worrisome that some believers are fast changing the ancient landmark of God. However, we have also seen miracles work out in troubled marriages that appeared to be absolutely beyond repair. Over time, many couples have bounced back from a vast range of seemly irreversible problems such as unresolved conflicts, extra marital affairs, lack of intimacy, excessive quarrels, insufficient and ineffective communication, inadequate quality of time spent together due to busy schedules, suffocating partners, children issues, trial separation and many more complex and difficult situations. Don't ever give up on your marriage, no matter what! There is a peaceful alternative to separation or divorce. As a matter of fact, you could begin to experience a joyous solution sooner than you think. With absolute trust in God, following biblical principles and spiritual counselling coupled with prayer; virtually, anyone can have the marriage of their dreams. By God's grace and through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the author instructs through this compendium on Principles of Christian Marriage and Family Life about how to resolve your matrimonial problems and have a marital life of heaven on earth. However, you may need to tactically lay aside the previous theories, philosophies and ideas you have and apply the principles set out in this testament to achieve sustainable marital bliss beyond your wildest dreams.

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