The Coffee Cartel
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In the Straits of Florida, about 20 miles from Cuba, two fishing buddies are shocked when two intruders board their 55? Hatteras during the night. The intruders are ultimately shot and what follows is a suspenseful tale of a retired FBI Agent, Paul Pilot, and his discovery and involvement in a sinister plot involving modified cocaine, super addictive coffee and a group of ruthless villains. Cutting edge surveillance technology, several assaults on Coffee Cartel operations and torturous interrogations end in the termination of one of the most sinister operations ever conceived. Paul Pilot, while intensely involved, falls deeply in love with Sara Sonata (an ebony angel). Despite incredible odds, Pilot helps stop the Cartel?s threat and he is ultimately presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in the White House.

Exhibited At: International book fairs