African Sorceress
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The series African Sorceress is set in the 1600s in what is now Ghana. In volume 1, A Warrior is Forged, the heroine, Kisa, grows up in a village hidden in the forest from the slave traders who were ravaging the countryside for victims. After the slavers find the village for the first time, the old village sorceress, Grandmother, trains Kisa to fight them with the help of magic and sorcery. After the second raid, when Kisa?s beloved father is taken, Grandmother enlists Kisa with the help of the Black Samurai, who returns from Japan to train Kisa to be a warrior. When the slavers return for the third time, Kisa and the villagers are ready, and the war against the slave masters begins. What if there was a great African sorceress who tried to save her people from the slave traders? How would we know from conventional history, which teaches only a white- and male-centered views of history? Africa does have a history and quite an amazing one. And what if women were not always suppressed? And what if their powers were of the earth, water, wind, and fire and not just witch doctor hokum? This book is historical fiction. The history of the Atlantic slave trade is history. As for the great prophetess who I heard about from one man in Africa, who knows? For me, she has come to life in the person of Kisa. If you like heroic stories set in real historical times, read this book.

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