Volver Is to Return
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America Somerville works for UNICEF as a close adviser to the executive director and is a respected child rights? advocate. She is happily married to a Frenchman who is also dedicated to his work at Amnesty International as a specialist in the Middle East. They have a young son and a busy life in New York City, where America is consumed by her highly visible and political job. Her demanding position calls for traveling to many countries around the world, addressing challenging violations of children?s rights as well as dealing with the many intrigues at United Nations Headquarters. When she receives an urgent call requesting her to return home to Uruguay, she is on a high-level mission for UNICEF and believes she must first finish her assignments. The truth is that she fears facing her authoritarian father, whom she has purposely shut out of her life due to the many lies and secrets that drove her away after her mother?s mysterious and untimely death. As she reflects on the circumstances that led her to exclude her powerful and illustrious family from her life, key signs from the universe reach out to her during her visits to India, Peru, and Vietnam. A devastating tragedy forces her to return home to her estranged family in Uruguay, which puts her on a path to search for the truth and spiritual transformation. Back home at the ranch Los Olivos, which has been in her family for several generations, she uncovers the dark secrets that have damaged her family for years and continues on her journey to find faith, love, forgiveness, and true calling.

Exhibited At: International book fairs