Shadows over Texas
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The book tells about the story of a young girl and her life experiences through adulthood. It embarks on this heartbreaking story of survival and the determination of a young girl to achieve an impossible dream. Follow Sonya as she struggles and crawls out of her stepfather?s sexually abusive grip. Born into poverty during the middle of the Great Depression, she is challenged to the worst encounters a young girl can face. Having lost her mother at a young age, Sonya is forced to face the horrid effects of abuse and being deprived of an education. Feel her battles from childhood having a speech impediment. Escaping the enslaved labor camps, she leaves behind her beloved siblings, and never to see them again. Her drive and determination for an education were confronted by the unexpected?the men that took advantage of her ignorance and innocence. She fights the discrimination that blight her all her life. Your heart will rend as she is forced to surrender her two newborns for the sake of a better and a chance in life. You will learn of her bittersweet marriages and the course that takes her to the unlimited expectations of the rich and famous. You will find Sonya as she reaches the ultimate in life and eventually finds happiness, only to be crushed by greed and the powerful cattle ad oil barons. She finds true love in her life, only to have it ripped away from her by vengeance and jealousy. The book that you are about to read and all characters herein are purely fictional.

Exhibited At: International book fairs