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More About This Title NO SWEAT


"This is a collection of approximately 75 narratives (and numerous photos with most taken personally by the author), related to thoughts and observations of many people and incidents experienced in a relatively short military career, just 2 years and 7 months, but almost a subsequent life time of reflection of all!

The Korean Air War was not all F-86 Sabres vs. Mig-15s--the unsung and obsolete B-29s (vs. Migs) are almost as forgotten as The Korean War itself! What is NOT forgotten, nor ever will be, is the extremely close camaraderie of our 11 crewmembers flying combat in our ship named ?NO SWEAT?.

These anecdotes are not the grand strategies or the statistics of military planners--but rather of those smaller happenings to relatively average people, crewmembers and others, who in some cases rose to grander levels of the human spirit --with some ?gone missing?!

That I have already had several friends read just a few of my anecdotes, and critique as they have, has assured me that I have done what I had intended--to relate here the sadness, terror, humor, and joy sometimes occurring within moments of each other!

?Bud, I read all your postings, some times with tears, others with laughter but always with enjoyment?. ? Don Brzezinski, WW II B-29 Combat Crewman "

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