Spiritual Awakening
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Spiritual Awakening is mostly autobiographical. It is the story of the author?s life and how reflections and memories of events may have contributed to addictions to alcohol, work, spending, and lust. This awareness is chronicled by how the author recovered from alcohol and now enjoys over thirty-four years of sobriety. It further describes how the author is recovering from being a workaholic, spendthrift, and sex addict. It is a spiritual journey with all the attendant failure, suffering, humorous escapades, and trials that come into an addict?s life. It also describes the solutions that can and will lead to recovery, joy, and serenity. If you share any of the author?s defects of character, you will possibly identify. If you do, you will discover steps to take to achieve your own recovery and be restored to a life beyond your wildest expectations.

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