Raw Intentions
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"The biggest lie ever told: ?I?m fine.?
We all know the saying ?looks can be deceiving?, but society has taught us not to delve deeper than a scratch at the surface.

Savannah's childhood has been nothing short of perfect. Popularity and all-round success were just a few of many words to describe her childhood. The combination of these elements stands as the basis of an idyllic life, one so strong it is believed to be impervious to destruction. Naive to the harshness of society, it doesn?t take much to push Savannah toward a path of self-destruction, changing a paved path of perfection to spiral downwards so quickly.

A modern-day tragedy exposing the realities that plague the lives of many girls as they move from their teens into early adulthood.
The controversy and rawness of this story are anything but subtle."

Exhibited At: International book fairs