Maxie?s Magnificent Adventures
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On Friday May 4th, 2018 our precious dog Maxie passed away in our arms at the age of 14. This book is dedicated to her memory. She will retain a special place in our hearts forever. She was a marvelous companion and brought joy to many with her friendly demeanor and a tail that seemed to be constantly wagging. Maxie was the centerpiece of a number of my writings and poems. This book contains the "Maxie's Magnificent Adventures" series. These stories were written over a number of years with our growing Grandchildren being the subject of these "Adventures." The "Epilogue" was written shortly after Maxie's passing and read to the family at her memorial service. My wish is that you and yours enjoy this book and, through it, keep your memories of your "Maxies" alive. Sharing this book has helped me through the great pain of her loss. She was so much more to me than "Just a dog." Ed

Exhibited At: International book fairs