The Fascination
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Bankers are finally getting what's been coming to them. Sergey is a ruthless killer who runs a command center in the basement of a Moscow dancing lounge. Behind its concrete walls, many bankers have met their demise. No one changes deals with Sergey or demands more money. If they do, he immediately snuffs their life. Because the police will never bother him, it appears Sergey's evil operation is safe. Joe is a megalomaniac bank executive looking forward to his next bonus. Meanwhile, his senior team members are stealing from the bank and being killed in alleged accidents. Even worse yet, his clients are being murdered. Hans is a chemicals company executive and damaged psychopath who lives for his next kick. Bill is a recovering alcoholic who now spends his days as a freelance insurance investigator. While he begins delving into the complex case, a drug circulates throughout the world, leaving a path of dead bodies in its wake. As bankers continue to die, now only time will tell if Bill can unravel the case before it is too late for another victim. The Fascination is the thrilling tale of a determined investigator's quest to get to the bottom of a series of mysterious murders.

Exhibited At: International book fairs