Florentina’s Revelations
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In this revealing narrative, Micheleangela Brilliance (先生= 師父=시푸) has precisely interpreted what has been written in the Crown of Stars by overcoming faith and decrypting the hidden secrets held within. She has invited space program and aerospace companies to maneuver their satellites in order to resolve and suppress any speculation. When the facts are analyzed, people could rise above civilization type 0. The world will be capable of determining the necessary equations from wormholes and feathering creatures’ evidence. Being rescued from the Vietnam War by a multitude of unforgettable superheroes, the race in space continues. A retreat does not make us weak. The outcome can be more powerful when we declassify it. Revealing ancient Hebrew documentation, she brings to life the torn pages and exposes the Vatican’s dark secrets, including false doctrine, expunged or sequestered prophecy from St. John, and the book of Revelation.

Exhibited At: International book fairs