Except the Lord Build the House
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At the turn of this century, Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins published their famous Left Behind series, with the underlying plot that Jesus would abruptly appear in the sky and “rapture” (catch away) His church just prior to the worldwide “Tribulation.” Throughout this seven-year period of Tribulation, the main characters who are “left behind” find themselves in a survival struggle under the hideous rule of the Antichrist, as they earnestly await another appearance of Jesus at the end of the Tribulation – clinging to the hope that they will get another chance to be saved. This fictitious story is based on the predominant prophetic teachings that have been widely accepted as orthodoxy among many non-Catholic denominations. But just how accurate are these conclusions when measured up to the Word of God? What does the Bible really say about the Rapture and the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? In Except the Lord Build the House, author Norm Eberly constructs a doctrinal house from the ground up, using the literal renderings of various passages from the Bible as a foundation. Throughout its pages, the reader is urged not to apply “mystical interpretations” to Biblical prophecies, but rather to simply read the Word of God at face value in order to arrive at sound, logical conclusions. Later in the book, numerous prophetic interpretations are introduced for the reader to ponder – but only after a firm foundation that is based on the literal wordings of the Holy Scriptures has been established. Written for scholars, students, and novice Bible readers alike, and with over 100 charts and illustrations, this book offers a fresh approach to the study of Biblical prophecies for the endtime and presents a bold challenge to the status-quo of popular Evangelical teachings concerning the Rapture and the Lord’s imminent return.

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