This Doctor Is Weird
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Just like all of us, Nasir Mohammed has confronted and overcome many challenges while journeying through life. In a collection of essays that each include an inspiring message of hope, Mohammed provides a glimpse into his childhood experiences in order to help others see that we all have trials to conquer on our own journeys through life. While leading others through his varied experiences, Mohammed demonstrates how he bravely faced his fears, tackled failure, overcame the odds stacked against him, and increased his energy levels while stretching himself to achieve greatness. Throughout all his personal stories, Mohammed invites us to brainstorm, edge past competitors, unlock our minds to embrace new adventures, and utilize his success formula to challenge pre-set limits and ultimately rediscover our true potential. This Doctor Is Weird is a collection of personal essays that lead others through a physician’s childhood experiences while imparting valuable lessons that will help anyone forge through challenges and create a path to success.

Exhibited At: International book fairs