Escape Your Fallen Nature
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Many people struggle to overcome behavioral patterns which they know have interfered with their job, their relationships, and even their will to live. Since society teaches that we are basically good, perhaps you, also, are very confused as to why you haven't yet escaped these inclinations that have inhibited you from living a fulfilled life and sometimes have pushed you to the point of despair. Possibly, your many failed attempts to escape these destructive tendencies have caused you enough frustration that you're now looking for outside support. Maybe you are considering professional or religious counsellors who have promised to reform you from your bad behavior. Though you are hoping you'll win enough battles over your evil ways to impress God with your efforts, according to the Scriptures, you were born with a deceptive nature that's disqualified you from entering Heaven and which presently is blocking you from knowing this truth. This lack of integrity cannot be healed through improvements in environment, education, treatment, or even exorcism. To escape your entangled life and to re-ignite your hope of finding the right way, your fallen nature that's been compelling you to do what you don't want to do, must be eradicated. But the only way you can escape your fallen nature is when it has been replaced with a new nature. Escape Your Fallen Nature will challenge you to examine your heart to see if you have this new nature. If you already have it, you will discover through your examination which one of these two natures is in control of your life. Understanding the scripturally based explanations in this book will disentangle you from the many untruths that have hindered you from getting free from your fallen nature and, if already free, will incite the flow of your new nature's "living water." You'll greatly appreciate your new heart when you learn of its ability to generate power that will outlast your troubles, defeat your temptations, erupt your joy, and grow your assurance of eternal life.