Reverent Whisper
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"Jimmy Digne is an ordinary, basically good guy who doesn?t care if the world is saved or not. He believes the planet will continue to evolve, even if humans do not exist because Jimmy knows full well that saving the world begins and ends with the power of the human mind.

As he puts pen to paper and begins contemplating the world around him, Jimmy shares not just his own story, but also the stories of others in order to make himself appear more interesting. Jimmy starts by looking back to the beginning when, as a boy, he was put through the rigors of society?s programming, the expectations of who he should be, what he should do, and how to do it. As he reflects on his constant search for his identity, the meaning of life, and his purpose, an imaginary friend guides him on his journey. But to Jimmy, the imaginary might just seem real. After all, the mind is a powerful thing and nothing is ever what it seems.

Reverent Whisper reveals the story of a young man as he reflects back on his life in order to find the truth about himself and the world around him."

Exhibited At: International book fairs