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More About This Title Ofelia


"Ofelia is a story about a love that could not be easily lost or forgotten. During the early 1900?s, a young teenage couple who end up falling in love seem destined to be together. Cody Parker,the very handsome, high spirited young man was working as a horse trainer for the Heart family. Ms. Ofelia Heart was growing up wealthy and proper. Despite their circumstances, they were on the verge of getting engaged but on one unfortunate day, Cody ends up losing his life in an accident while saving his ten year old brother Mike.
Ofelia Heart is devastated and was never able to recover from the loss of her beloved. However, decades later, a young girl named Socorro finds herself coming across a sacred world meant to heal and save those in need and no sooner after finding this peaceful world, she comes across the main guardian of this wonderful place. Oddly enough, she feels a strange sense of familiarity towards him and while she later learns it is forbidden, she finds herself falling in love with him. While Cody was well aware of the ?forbidden feelings? that all guardians are forbidden to feel towards mortal humans, Cody could not control the love he instantly felt towards Socorro the moment he brought her into his world and during their time together, not only do they find out more about each other but also, why they found each other."

Exhibited At: International book fairs