A Flutter of White Wings
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"Dan was the love of Julie?s life. When he died, she fled her once happy home, escaping both the place and her memories. She has now returned, reunited with Dan?s parents. She moves in with them, back into the flat where she once lived with Dan. Of course, everything is different without him there ? and so much has happened since his death.

When Julie left her home, she ended up in a mysterious place called Runaway in an even more mysterious house. There, she met the ghost of a woman named Lilli. Under Lilli?s direction, Julie saved Lilli?s grieving husband, Dale. Dale and Julie grew much closer than expected, but he soon died, too, leaving her with a surprise: Julie gets pregnant with his child.

Now, an old friend invites Julie back to the house in Runaway to watch over its remains. Julie agrees to return, knowing Lilli still walks the property, although she soon realizes Dale is there, as well. It almost feels as though the ghosts were waiting for Julie to come back, but now that she has, what do they want from her?"

Exhibited At: International book fairs