A Medical Scientist Examines the Life of Jesus
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More About This Title A Medical Scientist Examines the Life of Jesus


"During more than fifty years in medical research, Elwood honed his skills
in evaluating evidence?evidence of benefit from drugs, from clinical
procedures, and above all, from lifestyle. The overall aim throughout was
not just an increase in survival but also the enriching of the health and
the well-being of patients.

In this book, Elwood examines the person and the life of Jesus and its
relevance to our daily lives and to our relationships. Starting with the
virgin birth, he examines the evidence in the story by Mary that her
conception and pregnancy were unique and are consistent with the person
of Jesus having a human and a divine origin. He then examines the life
and teaching of Jesus and shows how this can enrich and give purpose
to the lives of those who follow Jesus.

Finally, Elwood reconstructs the details of the death and the resurrection
of Jesus and attempts to explain some of the underlying purposes and
meaning for us of these events.

In neither his medical work nor in this book does Elwood ever claim proof,
freely admitting there is always another possible explanation. Throughout
the book, Elwood sees faith as one possible response to evidence, but
he commends the seeking of further evidence as an indication of honest
doubt on the part of the inquirer."

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