Islam and the West
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"This is the third book in the series ?Islam and the West?. The West here is atheism as it currently represents Western high-culture. It is based on the premises that atheism is exclusively the legacy of Western Christianity and the Western fallacy out of sheer ignorance of considering Islam as a Christian heresy that suffers whatever shortcomings Christianity may have. Atheism took center stage with the rise of European enlightenment that sent its ideals across the Atlantic to form the intellectual foundation of the founding fathers of the American republic.
Atheism dismantled Western Christianity avoiding all moral arguments while taking full advantage of the presumably absurd biblical statements about material physical issues such as the age of the universe and instantaneous creation. While this is patently an internal Western squabble, atheists unabashedly drag Islam into the brawl. Western self-centeredness cannot shake off bigotry and innate historical hatred of Islam even after renouncing Christianity. To make that point, the book ascertains the historical fact that the celebrated ?Western Civilization? is simply nothing more than a product of the ?Islamic Civilization? in the sense that all civilizations produce their offspring without exception as none come from a void. It does that through discussing Muslim scholars? contributions to building an Islamic way of life and Westerners absorbing such massive structure at known geographical points of contact.
Atheistic arguments are analyzed vis-a-vis well established Islamic norms and are found wanting. A rule of thumb is established that Islam alone can be discussed as a true representative of ?Religion? as opposed to atheism. Since atheism?s newfound religion is ?Science?, its major foundations and breakthroughs till the present are discussed. Islam?s sacred statements are then shown to be emphatically reconcilable with all findings of modern science without exception. These are the ?Fruits of Knowledge?."

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