Fractured Lives
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"Neuroplasticity is the new paradigm of how the human brain changes itself when provided with specific signals, through the senses, that can be activated by technology increasing the brain?s thinking capability. It sounds nice in theory, but what if this technology is abused.

Major John Tilbury is an ex-SAS commando who served in Afghanistan and Iraq and now counsels veterans. He is faced with the moral dilemma of neuroplasticity being used by an unscrupulous organization called OASIS for monetary gain. His main helper in the fight against covert operatives is Thomas Black, a trained assassin and friend to Tilbury. The battle they fight is one of gargantuan proportions as they go head-to-head with the CIA and Pentagon.

Tilbury is caught between acting as a killing machine or supporting neuroplasticity?s positive outcomes when used with the right intentions. In this case, innocent people are in the clutches of OASIS and their dark deeds, but Tilbury?s investigation is further complicated by a sexy detective. In this world of espionage and treason, can cognitive abilities be enhanced to make a better world? Or will greed and need for power turn this experiment into nothing but a failure that ruins lives?"

Exhibited At: International book fairs