How to be a Legendary Teacher
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"Adam Prociv learned quickly that the energy he exuded in the classroom had a huge impact on the young children he was teaching.

In How to be a Legendary Teacher, he explores how educators can inspire students and help them learn, starting with the way they approach each day.

As a teacher, your primary role is to create good energy, which can be as simple as your body language. Ask yourself if you are a teacher you?d enjoy being taught by?and if the answer is no?then do some soul searching.

Throughout this guide to being a better teacher, you?ll learn how to:

? spark meaningful conversations among students;
? engage students in creative projects that promote learning;
? decide if you went into teaching for the right reasons and if you should stay; and
? navigate the numerous obstacles to teaching.

The teaching game is a process of trial and error, and while some lucky souls have a natural flare for the profession, others don?t. But just like anything in life, success doesn?t necessarily come to those with the most talent but to those with the will and determination to be a legendary teacher."

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