The Adventures of Princess Isabella The Leprechaun
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More About This Title The Adventures of Princess Isabella The Leprechaun


"Adventures of Princess Isabella

The Leprechaun

A day beginning with playful puppies and a horseback ride in the country turns into an exciting adventure for Princess Isabella. See if you can help her figure out what is making the unusual noises in the woods? The problem is which direction to go! You may be holding your breath, as the tension builds, getting closer to the mysterious sounds.

Are you ready to meet a most interesting character who speaks with a foreign accent? And, his first words are a poem! Isabella is thrilled and then remembers her promise to be home in time for lunch. How is she going to decide between, ""lunch with a leprechaun, or going home for lunch with her family,"" as she promised? See what happens in this exhilarating adventure!

This is more than just a storybook

And it's more than adding writing and art work

The best part is making the story personal with a special someone!

May it be the key that unlocks the door to:

-   Adventure and Imagination

-   Excitement of being in the story with family & friends

-   Talk about important issues & life lessons

Understand problem-solving and wise decision-making
Love learning and learn loving
Treasure the time you spend together
Make magical moments to remember always!"

Exhibited At: International book fairs