Simple Man's Dreams
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"Victor Scarinzi, a self-described ?Italian redneck,? shares stories that range from daydreaming as a boy, to getting into trouble as a teenager, to learning the lessons of adulthood in this collection of memoirs.

It was by spending time in nature that he became convinced that there must be a God, because who else could create the wonderful woods, lakes, mountains, swamps, deserts, and animals that you see in the outdoors?

Fishing, hunting, thinking of faraway places, sorting out his dreams, and planning his future?usually with a dog tagging along by his side?are some of what he treasures most.

The stories will no doubt make you think of your own happy memories in nature and inspire you to protect the outdoors and all that is in it.

Join a simple man as he shares simple dreams?many of which he?s accomplished?and others that he hasn?t given up on yet."

Exhibited At: International book fairs