A Story Untold
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"Mark is a divorcé, an advocate for noncustodial parents and ??Children of Divorce? An investigator advises Mark, after investigation that ??Theo has been interfering in Mark?s business dealings and his life.?? On confronting him, Mark realises that his media interviews, to bring about greater equality for non-custodial parents and ??Children of Divorce,?? was the opening of Pandora's box. Theo telling Mark to ?Stop talking to the press, radio, T.V. today or you will be found in the back of a burnt-out car. You are marked man in New York?. ??You will be under surveillance to ensure you follow my instructions. Do you understand??? Dumbfounded Mark agrees. Always asking himself: why. Why is a reportedly wealthy successful businessman targeting him?

As Mark continues with his life, he becomes involved with a building project further involving the financial sector. Intertwined with accountants, solicitors, and mortgage brokers, Mark identifies A brilliant system in operation controlled by powerful organizations using banks as the middleman or organisers. Finally, he uncovers what Theo is hiding. Transforming into a whistle blower, Mark is determined to expose those exploiting innocent victims for financial gain. Farmers, young and old couples, developers, investors all form part of the supply chain. But will the victims ever be able to take back their lives? In this gripping tale, a divorcé who becomes unwittingly entangled within drug and criminal activities sets out on a quest to help others escape a brilliant but ??Corrupt System.??


Exhibited At: International book fairs