Encyclopedia Corruption in the World

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"The publication of this encyclopedia by Professor Judivan J. Vieira, PhD, is driven more by mission than editorial pursuits. The research is composed of five volumes, and it is the result of the author?s willful work in a field of study that has been his passion since his graduation in law school in 1993.

Corruption is inherent to the human being, and according to the author, it is a metastatic cancer capable of destroy any social doctrine, even our democracies. Throughout the five volumes, Judivan Vieira analyzes the various perspectives of this social ?disease? that menaces hegemonic and underdeveloped countries. In the last volume of this encyclopedia, the author offers the solution to remediate this disease of the soul, which prevents social well-being and relegates us to live in formal democracies that do not provide the minimum of social dignity peoples of the world deserves."

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