A Penny for Your Thoughts
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"Poetry is the song that poets sing to beautify the world.

In A Penny for Your Thoughts, contemporary American poet Penny Johnson presents verses about nature, love, life, death, philosophy, and religion. She considers American life in the present day. With her writing, she hopes to teach, fulfill, entertain, heal wounds, and show the beauty of the world. Johnson offers her work as a gift to anyone longing for the uplifting and nourishing experience that poetry can provide.

This poetry collection explores a wide range of themes and seeks to provide inspiration and satisfaction while enhancing the natural splendor of the world.

A Special Joy
On Thursday morn, a colt
was born
To everyone?s delight
As our gaze met, how his
eyes did shine and the
last thing I thought
when I looked at him
was, I wish that he were mine"

Exhibited At: International book fairs