The Endowment
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Rachel Fredericks is a woman in deep turmoil. Behind her beautiful smile, she wonders if life is worth living. As the wife of a powerful pastor, she has always kept her struggles well-hidden until now. In her new search for truth and meaning, Rachel begins to uncover troubling issues about her husband, Jonathan. With his ministry expanding at a fever pitch, he is headed toward greatness. Will Jonathan aid Rachel in her search for truth, even if it might implicate him and threaten his pastoral career? How will the truth change Rachel's relationship with her husband? How will it change her view of God? Journey with Rachel as she weathers the voyage from being a blind follower to becoming a person of character and deep conviction in the Word of God. Created to explore the inner political conflict of millions who call themselves Christians, The Endowment offers a fresh look at spiritual growth.


Zoe Charis grew up in Asia and Europe to military parents. She began writing poetry in junior high school. In university she became a Christian. She spent several years earning three seminary masters degrees, serving as a missionary in Asia and as a military chaplain serving American troops all over the world, including Operation Enduring Freedom, and retired after 20 years of active duty service. She and her family settled in the American Midwest where she enjoys writing, singing, learning and being involved in her church.