Ghost in the Water
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Meet The League of Scientists' five middle-school kids who have the self-appointed responsibility of solving mysteries in their quiet town of East Rapids, MI. Bullied by his arch nemesis, Dowser, sixth-grader John Hawkins feels quite alone in his new school until his interest in robotics lands him an invitation to join The League. In Ghost In The Water, the first in the new League of Scientists mystery series, the newly formed group, Malene, Dev, Natsumi, and Kimmey, use their know-how in biology, technology, logic, and chemistry to uncover the secret of the ghost that is terrorizing the middle school pool, and specifically the school's star swimmer, Casey. The League is in a race against time to uncover the truth behind the ghost before the big swim meet against school's rival, West Shore. Join The League of Scientists as they use their scientific prowess to expose the ghost in this new blended fiction science mystery series.


"Part of what makes this book such an effective means of fostering readers' curiosity and familiarity with science, technology, and a host of other topics is the naturalness with which they are woven into the story. There's never a moment where the considerable amount of educational material feels inserted. The main characters, who are bright, energetic students the same age as the intended audience, ring true. Their banter and camaraderie feels authentic, as do the fears, challenges, and victories they navigate from day to day. Meanwhile the story, a compelling mystery, is loaded with chemistry, physics, biology, robotics, math, technology, language arts, and more, and because the context in which these are delivered is engrossing and relatable, readers devour it with pleasure. A 55-page teacher's guide (downloadable free) provides ideas and strategies for using the book as a teaching tool."
—Tillywig, "Brain Child" Award Winner

"This is exactly what science is about: curious kids using their knowledge to solve challenges. These kids tackle the problem of a haunted swimming pool that is disrupting the whole town. Watching the youngsters unravel the mystery is a great reminder that science is not just something done by old guys in white lab coats. This book is a wonderful kid-sized science adventure!"
—Alexander Pancic, Chemistry and Engineering, The English High School Jamaica Plain, MA

"Ghost in the Water is a perfect book for mystery lovers and science enthusiasts of all ages! It reminds us that knowing science and math can make a difference, even in middle school. I especially love that girls are key members of the League. They will inspire and spark interest in girls beginning to explore STEM careers. I wish I had a book like this when I was growing up!"
— Naiyma Houston, Founder and Director, Upper Hand to College, Ventura, CA

"I am very impressed with the Science, Naturally! books and would recommend them highly if you are looking to add some seriously fun learning to your homeschool or traditional classroom."
— Amy, Teacher

“With ‘Ghost in the Water,’ the author has given a younger generation a highly readable adventure/detective story that carries an important lesson… I see a great, bright future for the League of Scientists.”
—James Randi, Founder of the James Randi Educational Foundation

"Middle-schoolers will thoroughly enjoy this captivating adventure! Students who love science will relish the connections between the life and physical sciences. More importantly, students who don’t love science… yet… will experience the thrill of using it as a tool of discovery—and may be inspired to venture more into the ways that being curious about science can help them navigate and enjoy their world. I highly recommend this fun and inquiry-inspiring book!"
—Michael Roa, Science and Environmental Education Consultant, Sonoma County, CA

"John is the new kid in seventh grade. He doesn’t fit in until he is thrust into the top-secret League of Scientists. Along with Kimmey, Malena, Natsumi, and Carlos, John sets out to solve the mystery of a ghost appearing in the school swimming pool. The book is clever in applying the scientific method and explaining several chemical concepts... [It] will appeal to science-oriented middle schoolers. First in The League of Scientists mysteries, the book includes an extensive glossary.
—Gayla Parks, Librarian, Kearney (Missouri) Middle School, Library Media Connection, March/April 2015

“… I can heartily recommend this adventure in scientific thinking.”
— Ann Druyan, Co-writer of the Cosmos TV series and wife of the late Carl Sagan

“I loved this novel, and believe most readers of any age will too. It’s one great adventure with an educational theme!”
—Piers Anthony, celebrated science fiction and fantasy author of the “Xanth” and “Incarnations of Immortality” series

"An easy read with a very powerful message! The League of Scientists creatively blends humor and gripping suspense with chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics and technology. The kids exhibit fear, anxiety, cooperation, communication and compassion, all while utilizing the scientific method. Science saves the day in this exemplary book. Parents and grandparents will enjoy sharing it with their kids. I will recommend the book to the administration to be a required reading for all faculty and students!"
-Kamaal Khazen, Dean of Applied Sciences
De La Salle Institute four year college preparatory school, Chicago, IL

"A great book for mystery enthusiasts and science geeks of all ages, but especially middle grades. The characters are diverse and include smart girls (and boys) who understand the power of inquiry. Readers will be captivated by the entertaining story--and, all the while, they'll be learning how useful science and math can be...even for kids!"
-Diane Dexter, Central Library Services, Manhattan-Ogden School District, Manhattan, KS

"It's a great mystery story for kids, engaging, and chock full of science."
"The story promotes critical thinking, deductive reasoning, and working as a team."
"I like how it makes the kids think! It definitely increases their critical thinking skills!"
-Academics' Choice

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