The Soul Doctor Spiritual Tune-Up
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"Soul Doctor?Spiritual Tune-up, in this book, I have compiled scriptures from the Bible, and words of encouragement, that will give the reader a instant increase of Faith. This book was designed to help the reader be healed from chronic pain, worrying, stressing, and doubting God and themselves. This book was designed to Doctor on the Souls of the readers, and to give a Spiritual tune-up to the reader, help tighten up somethings. This book was designed to help reduce crime, volience, suicide, and senseless killing rates. You can even accpet Jesus Christ in this book, and be saved. God is going to give someone a healing, and a breakthrough, after reading this book. This book was written with many people and souls, lost and found in Christ, in heart, and mind. It is time for us all to unite, come together as one Body of Christ, and be healed, and made whole.

Take a time out, for your soul?s sake and read this book readers, and believers it is food, and medicine for the soul.

Weary Souls, Weak in Faith, and Nonbelievers, is becoming a chronic condition, like a health condition or disease, that is becoming long-lasting among the people. This is why it is imperative that everyone see about their Soul?s health too. Life is more than what it seems. There is an outer world, that we all live in, and deep within us, is our souls. We use the term ?Soul? to mean an energy or awareness that connects us directly with a larger reality, even All-That-Is, God, or the Universe, whatever term you like to use. We have to learn how to connect with our soul?s inner wisdom, and guidance. Love is the Language of the soul, and God is Love.? Little children you are from God and have overcome them, for he who is in you is greater than he who is in the World?.--1 JOHN 4;4, ESV..."

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