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More About This Title Requiem


"They were just good friends since high school, or so they thought?

Mark Bishop, a young American writer, blames himself for not finding the courage to tell Bella about his love for her. But, just as in high school, he is unsure that he is worthy of her affections.

Bella Kaminski is a 26 year old Russian-American beauty. She is a singer in a popular Russian restaurant where her impressive voice and charm leave her with no shortage of admirers wherever she goes.

When, out of the blue, Mark learns that Bella has cancer, he is determined to help her and goes to New York to see her. He stumbles upon her diary and reads in one passage that she has lost her will to live and is planning on committing suicide.

Shocked to the core, Mark tries to change Bella?s mind, but Bella secretly travels to Florida with her friend Gloria, to meet Gloria?s cousin who is a doctor with experience in assisted suicide.

Despite her request, Mark searches for Bella. He has to find her before it is too late. He knows he must find a way to keep her alive."

Exhibited At: International book fairs