First-Time Home Buyers
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"First-time Home Buyer Success Guide was written with you in mind. It is uniquely positioned with information and offerings to enable your home-buying process, whether it?s your first home or second home. It even offers insights for real estate professionals.

It was developed to provide information and insight that may not be necessarily available within the time constraints of a classroom. It guides through the home-buying process with precision and expertise that are unlikely to be found on any other resources. It gives you the benefit of resources pulled from experts with the combined total of more than a hundred years in real estate, and it is our expectation that these collective experiences, insights, options, and sometimes little known facts, even as it relates to negotiating cost in many parts of your purchase, including your mortgage. Information in this book, if applied during your home-buying process, should give you a significant advantage and create savings that you can use after purchasing your home to start making decorative improvements on your new home."

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