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"Jenny, a migrant from USA to Australia, is no more than a middle-class citizen of Queensland living as a programmer. Yet in secret, she is a member of a notorious hacking group with power to move?teleportation. It, however, changes on the night she bumps into a man who appears to be a professional wet worker and becomes a witness of a crime scene.

The very night, her wealthy aunt is killed in a car accident, leaving Jenny as an heir of her unknown wealth. However, her aunt has also left a series of tests to inherit the wealth for unknown reasons. Then out of blue, her not-so-close cousin flew from America and contacts her while the man she bumped into on the other night also steps into her life again. Learning there is a hidden world of Receivers, possessors of special powers like herself, and Illumination, the most ancient organization of Receivers, Jenny realizes this is much more than just inheriting her inheritance."

Exhibited At: International book fairs