What?s Happening to Our World?
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"What?s Happening to Our World?

The world is the most dangerous place, with wars and rumors of wars. Trading and security alliances are breaking up, like Brexit. America is breaking treaties and agreements, and nationalism is rising like it did before the Second World War.

Climate change is resulting in more droughts and heat waves. Hurricanes and typhoons are becoming stronger and more intense. Sea levels are rising fast as ice held in the glaciers at the Arctic and Antarctic melts.

Food crops are failing, fishing stocks are diminishing, and the poorest people starve.

Tribal hatreds are arising, and forest and grass fires are increasing to the extent that they are now barely manageable. As all these factors defeat governments, the world will turn to a superbeing and hand world power over to him and a political dictator.

These two will be in the interests of world survival, which demands absolute obedience and loyalty of all followers, who will be required to have the identifying mark of the church. Those who refuse the mark will not be allowed to buy or sell and will therefore starve.

Is this how it will end?

Read on."

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