Holy Things, Holy Actions, Holy Places
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More About This Title Holy Things, Holy Actions, Holy Places


"Holy Things, Holy Actions, Holy Places is a Catholic-oriented book whose main object is to introduce to and teach readers about the names and uses of various objects, vessels, substances, and garments used in our beautiful Catholic Liturgy and other services. The format is very simple, and the language is easy for anyone, young or old, to read and understand.
Many Catholics attend church services and observe the use of these objects, substances, and garments but do not know their names or the purpose of their use.
The book has therefore been written to encourage and to teach Catholic Christians and any interested others
1. to get to know the names of these items used in the Catholic Liturgy and ceremonies,
2. to understand the religious significance of each item and the reason for its use, either in the liturgy or privately,
3. to assist in the faith formation of young and even older persons, and
4. to encourage Catholics, young and old and those in between, to pay more attention to and to appreciate our rich and beautiful Catholic religion, ceremonies, and treasures."

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