Ageless MirrorAthlete
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"Here's what my book is about; this is how it unique, and this is why you should buy it."There are few fit healthy lifestyle consultants with over 40-years' experience willing to give up programming trade secrets at the expense of losing clients and revenues. I've been on a mission to expose the half-truths and lies within the fitness, health, big-pharma, agriculture, sports, and diet and celebrity industries including government and why they don't want this information as common consumer knowledge. To reveal it is considered taboo by my colleagues and unwelcomed by the marketplace. However I can't sit idly by and watch the charlatans put the next generation's health at risk for the sake of profit. My only regret, taking so long to write the book. After each chapter I relate my mobility and pain depression challenges after being diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis (AVN) bone disease. That's right, through my immobility adversity misfortune you also learn how to apply a customized fit healthy habit program to live life to the fullest regardless of ailment. This timeless and incredible consumer safety information is for anyone who wants to get fit, feel well and look good at any age. It also includes educational ill-health prevention and community recreation concepts to "Save the Next Generation's Children from obesity and related disease."

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