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More About This Title 9-1-1 WHAT IS YOUR EMERGENCY?


"This book contains actual 911 emergency and non-emergency calls that came into the San Diego Police Department Communications Division during my 19 years as a Police 911 Dispatcher.

This book represents the calls received as accurately as possible. I did not embellish them to make them funnier or more exciting. These are actual calls, often unbelievable, but they are real calls.

This book is a way for me to portray the """"real world"""" of a 911 dispatcher. As you read through the book, I hope you can get a sense of the many emotions that I felt during the course of each shift.

As you can imagine, the majority of calls received were true emergencies. I chose mostly the light hearted calls that would make you come away from the book with a smile, instead of a heavy heart.

The Dark Side is the chapter in this book I devoted to the more serious, violent type of calls we get on a daily basis.

Many of these calls may shock you, and have you scratching your head thinking...OMG really?!

I hope you enjoy this book."

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