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"This workbook for those learning English will be a mainstay in the libraries of both beginning and advanced learners.

Saleh Al-Shalaby, a longtime English as a Second Language teacher, pinpoints the language?s most essential rules simply and clearly. He shares tutorials that will help you apply these rules, including:

? using the articles a, an, or the;
? making poorly written sentences more readable;
? discerning the differences between somebody, someone, something, and somewhere; and
? applying different tenses with precision and ease.

Exercises are fun, engaging, and educational. You?ll be asked to rearrange words to create meaningful sentences, fill in the blanks, choose answers from multiple choices, put verbs in their proper forms, and more.

Whether you?re struggling to learn English, are just getting started, or need a refresher course to stay on top of your game, this workbook will be a resource you?ll keep on your bookshelf for years to come."

Exhibited At: International book fairs