The Voice of Revenge
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"This book is about Methuselah Tyker, who was born in Serowe village, which is about 250 kilometers from Gaborone in Botswana. Born on the seventeenth of July 1939, he was an only child. His grandparents brought him up because he became an orphan at twelve years old. Methuselah grew up as an orphan but was determined to seek revenge. Chief Muyabwo gave his parents a death sentence after they had been accused of bewitching one of the villager?s daughters, Sarah. The accusations were unjustified and could not be conclusive.

Chief Muyabwo ruled Serowe village for fifty years and was well-known for his callousness. Pitiless as he was, he would not try to rationalize complaints from villagers. He took any issues regarding witchcraft very seriously. Villagers were put to task when there were any reports involving witchcraft. Also, he had a weakness of taking other people?s wives.

Anyone who knew Chief Muyabwo was aware of his cruelty and poor treatment of villagers. He was quite a powerful person with his own police, and he had the right to make his own judgments about villagers. He had been given the powers by the government. He was paid by the government for doing the job, but the government did not realize that he had taken the law into his hands.

Methuselah believed in getting revenge for what had happened to his parents. It took him a long time, but in the end he did it."

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