Beatific Vision
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"Giuseppe Morreti, commander of an elite branch of the Vatican military known as the Milvian Guard, wakes one night from a dream of Lilith?s angelic punishers. Rebuked for her disobedience of Adam, Lilith has been separated from God, but now, her children plot revenge with members of a new Roman power, Domus Aurea.

Rome is under siege, and it appears evil is winning. Those residing and visiting Rome are captives, unable to move about or escape without fear of death. However, a higher power is in their midst as angels keep watch, unbeknownst to the Vatican or Domus Aurea. Giuseppe is dragged into a tug-of-war between the people of Rome and the demons attempting to take over when two unassuming young men get involved.

Daven and Adam have no great notions of fame or grandeur. Their only concern is for the safety of their loved ones, so they will fight the children of Lilith and anyone else who stands in their way. Rome is now a breeding ground of upheaval, but there is hope as humanity takes on the supernatural, saving the Vatican and possibly the world."

Exhibited At: International book fairs