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"Sara Allbrooke is blessed with an inherited gift. She possesses the ability to link with lost or kidnapped children and locate them. To Sara, though, the gift is more like a curse. Once a child in peril sends a mental cry for help, Sara becomes the child, feeling and enduring all they experience.

For six months, St. Mary?s School in Milford, Connecticut, has been the target of a kidnapper. He abducts children, puts them in harm?s way, and forces Sara to play a game to save their lives. Retired Navajo detective, Samuel Hawk, has come to Milford at the request of the Hopi. They are seeking to locate ?the chosen ones? who will lead their people through the end of times, and as a psychic, Sara is high on that list.

Samuel joins forces with the Milford Police when he realizes that the kidnappings are identical to ones that occurred on the reservation four years earlier. He aligns with Sara and her husband in an effort to make her realize her gift is not a curse. However, no one?not even Samuel?is prepared for the extremes the kidnapper will use to ?balance the books? of life."

Exhibited At: International book fairs