Mom Boss
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Mom Boss — Super Mom, Great Business Woman


Entrepreneurial Mom: Learn how to be a super mom and a great business woman in a step-by-step guide to developing, incubating, and marketing your business without taking the joy out of family life with kids—being an active parent while succeeding as a woman business entrepreneur.

Badass Business Woman: Where Sophia Amoruso’s #GirlBoss left off for young millennials breaking into the business world, Mom Boss picks up and continues the mission for all the entrepreneurial moms out there. Mom Boss proves that being successful isn’t about degrees or sacrifices, it’s about balance and power. It’s where instinct meets intelligence. Every mom has it in her to be a badass business woman. Nicole Feliciano charts the course for building a successful career without sacrificing being a great mom.

Mom Boss: The first book by Nicole Feliciano the Founder & CEO of Momtrends Media. Momtrends Media provides busy women with a daily dose of style. Each day Nicole and her team of editors, interpret trends for moms, keeping in mind that modern women want to look and feel great, but they are working with less time and less energy than they had before the kids came along. Nicole and her team are there to help and inspire women to look and feel their best. Social media is her playground, and she's built a loyal following by making fashion fun and accessible.

Successful Business Woman: Before launching Momtrends Media, Nicole graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in English Literature, and spent a decade working in fashion -- most notably as an executive with Polo Ralph Lauren. When she became a mom in 2005, the business woman and fashion maven embarked on her social media career and began contributing to, Time Out New York Kids, and many more online publications. Seeing a void in the blogosphere, she launched in 2007. Momtrends continues to be the cornerstone of her media empire.

Mom Boss includes:

    • tips on how to develop, incubate, and market your business without taking the joy out of family life

    • valuable self assessment exercises

    • step by step advise, inspiration, and tried and true business and personal tips

    • insights into how to be a successful and happy business woman and mom


Every mom needs a BFF. Momtrends fits that role beautifully. Nicole Feliciano, Founder and CEO, left her role as an executive at Ralph Lauren to launch the Momtrends blog in 2007. Since then, Momtrends has grown into a boutique media brand that provides the latest news on things trendy and cool for moms. Each month more than 500,000 moms check in with Momtrends looking for the scoop on what’s fresh, pretty and purposeful.


Chapter Notes
1 #Momboss Introduction Who is a #Momboss? Who needs this book and why are more and more women leaving traditional workplaces to become #MomBosses
2 #MomGuilt Letting go of the expectations we put on ourselves and allowing for possibility.
3 #MomTrends Get to know Nicole. My qualification and my story.
4 #ToughLove You've got permission to redefine success.
5 #Likeaboss Quiz Take the quiz and be led to one of three personality types.
6 #SoloArtist Personality 1 Wants to have a small business and work alone. Could be an artist, crafter, consultant, lawyer, etc.
7 #BrandBuilder Personality 2 Wants to build and empire. Inventor or a creator of a new product or service.
8 #TeamMom Personality 3 Salesperson at heart. Wants to share experiences and ideas with others and build a community
9 #SettingUpShop Where to work from, how to start a business
10 #GettingOrganized Carving out time on the schedule to work
11 #FindYourTribe Networking
12 #KnowYourWorth How to write a business plan, how to negotiate, road map for starting a business, 30/60/90 day plan, 1/5/10 year plans, how to analyze your business, time management.
13 #FailFast Don't hold yourself back by fear of failure, give yourself permission to take risks. Analyze what's working and not working.
14 #MomMarketplace How to network with the community you already have and grow your following.
15 #GettingItDone Goal setting and accountability. Is this a hobby or a business?
16 #Gratitude conclusion Talk about the practice of over sharing and working with the spirit of generosity and openness.


Nicole Feliciano is all things #Boss. Most importantly, she is an inspiration to all moms looking to reinvent their careers.

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Actress, CCO and MomIf you have that feeling that maybe there is a Mom Boss in you but you’re just not sure where to start, then this is a must read. Whether it’s a secret read to inspire dreams or amongst friends with big ambitions, this is a woman who lives what she teaches, you are in good hands and this is a great first step to turn your dreams into reality.

Rosie Pope
CEO, Designer, Mom