Nostradamus Reveals
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"Before Nostradamus Reveals, who will enter the new city, a chance discovery sets off an adventure to save and deliver a Scroll found at an ancient aboriginal site in Outback Queensland. On an overcast night on the banks of Enoggera Creek, in Brisbane, flood waters rise. The year 1973 starts the journey spanning more than four decades as a group of surfers do battle with bikies, find lost gold, and look for ? , finding some meaning in the numbers, on their way to a surf contest at Bells Beach.

Some will perish in their quest, and one will find enlightenment. In 2010, the Scroll gives up one of its many secrets. Find out what will be revealed about the image and mantra when the one described by Nostradamus enters the new city in 2012 & stands at Ground Zero shadowed by towers. After New York, fate steps in, and the one from Nostradamus?s quatrain finds himself in the Tanami Desert; and almost perished with his son, but for a tap on the shoulder from something unseen; when travelling across Australia in six days to finish his mission in life. Only when he stands on the peak of Mt. Beerwah the spiritual home of the Kabi Kabi people of aboriginal folklore, does he reveal the biblical meaning of the numbers."

Exhibited At: International book fairs