The Lost Light
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"?Being a candle is not easy: in order to give light, one must first burn.?
? Rumi

Every child in the world deserves a great childhood, right? Although Diya did have a childhood, it wasn?t really the one we imagine for our children. Growing up in an Indian household, she was taught from a young age that family was everything and it did not matter if they were your cousins?they were still like your own siblings. But as Diya was growing up, she found this was not the case, and the more she ignored everything around her, the more perplexed she became about herself and who she was.

We all have tough times in our lives, and life at times can be a confusing roller coaster, but it is a matter of knowing who we are from within and trusting the true voice within us all. Diya is now finding this out, and she hopes to be an inspiration for many others, just as she was inspired and encouraged to write her story and share it with others.

This is based on a true story. All characters are real, but for privacy, all names have been changed."

Exhibited At: International book fairs