Lift Up Your Heart?

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"Do you feel alone in this world?

There are times of tragedy, deep trouble, or sadness when a person?s life direction is completely changed by circumstances beyond their reach and the outcome is out of their control.

After a diagnosis of terminal breast cancer, the feeling of being alone and isolated and the uncertainty of my earthly future were overwhelming, and I found my feelings bleeding out into words from deep within. The poems and devotionals in this book are about finding a permanent love, to never feel alone again, and a love that is so deep that it lives in us. It is during these dark, lonely times when one feels directionless that we need to know that there is a wonderful savior, Jesus Christ, just waiting to fill us with his love. When we lose our human strength, we fully rely on our Heavenly Father that the power of the Holy Spirit comes to comfort and guide us, bringing us out the other end with a stronger belief, enduring faith, and a transcendental peace than the world without Jesus cannot understand.

This is a complete assurance.

As you read this collection of heartfelt poetry and the accompanying powerful scriptural messages, may God reveal to you that you are far from being alone."

Exhibited At: International book fairs