Multiple Choice Questions in Paediatric Surgery
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More About This Title Multiple Choice Questions in Paediatric Surgery


"There is a great shortage of MCQs book in Paediatric surgery. To fulfil that need, Dr Muhammad Khalid Syed has prepared this MCQs book.

This book provides in depth knowledge of paediatric surgery. For each question readers are asked to select the one best answer. In majority of questions, it is asked to select the false option out of five possible choices. The purpose of this is to provide an abundance of correct information directly rather than writing much details in answer.

The topics covered in this book include the Abdomen with inguinal area and genitalia, urology, thoracic surgery, head & neck and soft tissue lesions, orthopaedic, trauma, oncology and vascular and lymphatics. In the end there are MCQs related to anatomy required in paediatric surgery.

This book will increase your score, for all paediatric surgical examination, General surgical examination (to cover portion of paediatric surgery) and paediatric medicine examination (to covers the differential diagnosis of surgical conditions)."

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