Gender Is a Choice
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"Gender Is a Choice is a remarkable book that thoughtfully demystifies gender discrimination. It shows the underlying causes of discrimination, which lie deep in our cultures. Based on the human rights perspective of equality and dignity, Ms. Mukasa reaffirms that we are all born equal, without gender bias or prejudice, and we all share a propensity to learn, grow, and maximize our innate potential to lead meaningful, happy lives. However, societies have views based on cultural norms, attitudes, and beliefs that lead to unequal gender relations of power. As a result, many women and girls suffer.

This highly educational book highlights the key gender concepts and gives them meaning through a practical family portrait at the end. Ms. Mukasa decisively affirms that despite powerful socialization processes, gender injustice can be overcome. The key issue to transform is the traditional socialization process. The main tool is to create awareness of the embedded negative aspects concerning women?s and men?s relationships. It calls upon men and women to appreciate that the current gender relations of power are unnatural and unacceptable. They are man-made and can be dismantled using our agency to make the right choices. Women?s disempowerment can be disrupted, and gender justice can be promoted.

This book is relevant to all people since gender discrimination is universal and has universally negative consequences. Gender discrimination must therefore be disrupted everywhere, every time, by everyone. However, Ms. Mukasa makes her own choice to focus on the African gender context and the audience whose culture she understands best."

Exhibited At: International book fairs