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More About This Title Aramay


"Aramay is defiant, attractive and intelligent. She?s an empath who feels peoples? emotions. Resiliency and strength are part of her nature as being an empath carries a burden. In the silence of slumber she sometimes finds moments of peace in her dreams, her paradise; but when she awakes it is to the emotions of others ? at the mercy of their fears, anger and arrogance.

She works for the Federation as a behaviourist although her associates consider her a lone wolf since Aramay holds very different views from theirs. In the wilds of Siberia and Mongolia, where their operation is played out, they work together to capture (or eliminate) the natives and where their actions are broadcast to the Federation populations as a reality show.

Aramay?s views eventually lead to a clash of personalities in the midst of their mission. She is set as an outcast by the majority because of her ethereal abilities, especially when she becomes sympathetic towards the natives. She begins to wonder if she is right, and what is the truth? Yet even Aramay, with all her intuition and perception, is unaware of the natives? true potential and their extraordinary goal."

Exhibited At: International book fairs